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Avoid These 10 Things That Stain Your Teeth | Whiten Teeth with Aspro Bright’s Teeth Whitening Kit

10 Things That Will Stain Your Teeth

One evening after a long day at work, I sat down with my favorite book and a glass of red wine to unwind. It must have been a long day because before I knew it one glass turned into 2, and then into…well who’s counting. Before turning in for the night I stopped to wash my face and brush my teeth. As I stood there looking in the mirror I couldn’t help but notice the slightly dingy yellowish color taking up residence on my previously white smile. I knew then I needed to make a change… avoid things that cause more stains and find a teeth whitening product to help reverse the years on damage and yellowing already done. I did my research and compiled a list of things to avoid and thought I’d share with you.

  1. Many don’t know but frequent cups of coffee, tea, or dark liquors can harm & stain your teeth. The sugar & other chemicals in these products along with many additives and artificial colors can lead to yellowish stains, which you might have experienced.
  2. Poor brushing habits can cause stains on your teeth, even at a young age. Many children and parents don’t pay attention to proper brushing. Some have been known to skip brushing for a week which makes the teeth near to gum line stained and if they continue with improper brushing habits then the entire tooth may become orange in color, rot and decay overtime.
  3. Using tobacco, such as cigarettes or dip which contain toxic tar cause. Tobacco contains Nicotine which is very hazardous for the body as well as overall mouth health. Continual use will turns teeth yellowish and even brown.
  4. When people experience a nightmare or experience high levels of stress, some may grind their teeth at night. The grinding of teeth, can lead to cracks and dark spots in your teeth.
  5. As a kid, your doctor may have prescribed you medication which contained tetracycline or even your mother could have taken it during pregnancy. Taking tetracycline under the age of 10 can greatly stain your teeth.
  6. Fluorosis is a discoloration of your teeth from excessive exposure to excessive fluoride as a child. This can cause opaque white lines or splotches on teeth.
  7. Certain Blood diseases can cause greenish tooth stains, as it decomposes hemoglobin or stained enamel cuticle. Some medication can also darken your teeth after prolonged use.
  8. Red wines are good for your heart but bad for your smile. Wine leaves reddish stains on teeth after consistent exposure.
  9. Heavy intake of low tempered cool drinks like cola, popsicles, or slushies will damage your teeth health. The color pigments in the sugary substances attach themselves to the white part of your teeth, (i.e. to enamel) lasting until you take action to whiten your teeth.
  10. Aging is the only natural cause of stains on teeth. Just like hair and skin, teeth age and changes in appearance. As you get older, the enamel on your teeth becomes thinner over time and turns yellow.

There are many staining causing elements. Having good oral care with daily brushing and flossing will definitely help prevent many issues. Knowing what types of food and liquids to avoid for a brighter, whiter smile, can also help manage the impact they have on your teeth. Everything in moderation, right? With regular teeth whitening from Aspro Bright you can reverse years of stains on your teeth and maintain your white smile, while still enjoying your glass of wine or cup of coffee.