About Us

We know how important a gorgeous smile is. And, let’s face it, staining and discoloration of our teeth happens to the best of us. A little too much of that favorite latte, a steady use of tobacco, or the unavoidable aging process can dull those pearly whites and make us want to hide our smile. That’s why we developed Aspro Bright, a patented Teeth Whitening formula that works quickly to restore teeth to their youthful shine.

Aspro Bright is a strong and effective teeth whitening formula designed to fit a busy lifestyle. Each kit comes with no-rinse flavored whitening gel, a comfortably fit mouthpiece, ready-to-use light, and convenient travel pouch. Simply fit the mouthpiece into place, apply the gel, attach the light, then catch up on a favorite show or social media feed for a quick 20 minutes of whitening time. Then it’s out the door with that camera ready smile!