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Foods and Drinks That Can Keep Your Teeth White

We know that there are foods that stain your teeth. Foods like dark berries, red wine, coffee, tea, soft drinks and artificial food dyes tend to cause discoloration of the teeth. But, are there any foods that can help in retaining a white smile? Here are some whitening tips for gleaming teeth:

1.    Strawberries

Despite the fact that strawberries possess a strong color, they are particularly good for your teeth. This is because they contain malic acid, an enzyme that works as a natural teeth whitener. So, prepare a fresh strawberry drink to keep your teeth white. However, do not forget to brush your teeth afterward as it also contains sugary compounds.

2.    Broccoli and Cauliflower

Broccoli and cauliflower belong to the same plant species. Both are incredibly good for maintaining white teeth, especially when chewed raw. The florets function like the bristles of a toothbrush. Loaded with nutrients, these help in preventing the teeth from staining. Additionally, the exorbitant amount of iron also helps in coating the enamel, which protects it from tooth decay.

3.    Apples

All of the munching and chewing that you have to do with isn’t purposeless. Apart from giving a good workout to the jaws, apples also help in cleaning the teeth. The fruit polishes the teeth naturally. Additionally, the high water content facilitates the process of saliva generation that helps in lubricating the teeth, and assists in washing away the bacteria that cause discoloration.

4.    Seeds and Nuts

Seeds and nuts exfoliate the teeth. Sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, and cashew nuts help in removing the stains from the teeth.

5.    Baking Soda

Is there a plaque on your teeth already? Then, it is a wise idea to use a solution of baking soda instead of toothpaste while cleaning your teeth in the morning. The soda acts like a scrub and helps to remove the hard yellowish plaque.

6.    Oranges

Quite contrary to the pulp, the orange peel is not acidic at all. It is full of variants of Vitamin C that helps in teeth whitening. The peel reduces the tartar buildup that eventually leads to plaque formation.

7.    Cheese

Dairy products like cheese also help in maintaining a white smile. Cheese contains lactic acid that safeguards the teeth from decay. Like apples, cheese also supplements saliva generation, which helps in washing the bacteria. The calcium in the cheese also helps in strengthening the teeth.

8.    Celery and Carrots

Celery is a fibrous vegetable that can be munched raw to dislodge the food debris stuck between the teeth. It also makes the gums strong. Likewise, the crunchy carrots also have an abrasive effect over the tooth stains. Furthermore, the roots also help in brightening the teeth. Just rub them over the teeth for a polishing outcome.

If you have discolored teeth that are a cause of worry to you, then you can use the Aspro Bright formula. The teeth whitening formula ensures that you are proud of your pearly whites.