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Hydrogen Peroxide Is Proven to Work

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a chemical that oxidizes to oxygen and water on contact with many other naturally occurring substances. The release of the oxygen is atom gives this chemical compound its characteristics as an effectual cleaner. The chemical is sensitive to light and exposure would transform it into the plain water if not bottled correctly so it is packaged in brown bottles. However, most people seeking teeth whitening tips often wonder if H2O2 can be used for dental hygiene. Read on to know more about hydrogen peroxide dental treatments.

Dental Teeth Whiteners Contain Hydrogen per Oxide

Most over the counter dental whitening products contain carbamide peroxide, which is a chemical compound that decomposes into urea and hydrogen peroxide. The latter is a potent bleaching agent. Dental professionals also make use of hydrogen peroxide to restore a bright smile. However, dense-concentration causes tooth irritation and sensitivity but these side effects are common in people who already have sensitive gums and teeth. You can use hydrogen peroxide in moderate concentration even if you have sensitivity issue for whitening the teeth. Sometimes, individuals also create their own solutions with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to clean the teeth. However, these must be used cautiously or else the abrasive effect will have an adverse effect on the teeth.
Hydrogen peroxide has been used as a whitening agent for centuries. Prolonged exposure is not recommended as it causes irritation of the gums, roof of the mouth, and tongue if the concentration is considerably high. Three percent solution is considered an effective dental hygiene treatment but it must be packaged appropriately or else it would simply turn to water. Toothpaste and Whitening gels also contain carbamide or hydrogen peroxide, which works to whiten the teeth.
Stabilize Hydrogen per Oxide
As mentioned before, H2O2 degrades naturally and steadily with age, interaction with light and heat, it is important that you stabilize the product for maximum benefits. You may add preservatives in it but it would then lessen the chemical compound’s effectiveness and it probably wouldn’t break down for the bleaching action. An alternate method to store hydrogen per oxide is to refrigerate it, which retains the potency to certain extent. However, complete encapsulation is the most pragmatic way to store hydrogen per oxide. In this method, H2O2 is encapsulated in a vacuumed ampoule.
Clean and glossy teeth are essential for a gorgeous smile. But, as we consume tooth-staining products, such as caffeine, wine, and chocolate, our teeth begin to appear yellow. To make sure that the home manufactured hydrogen per oxide solutions do not cause sensitivity, it is important that you use a Aspro Bright complete teeth whitening solution for a bright smile. Our whitening systems are cost-effective that produce visible outcome. You can apply the whitening gel to the teeth once daily. Read more about our product over here.