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Teeth Whitening Myths You Keep Buying Into

We all want a gorgeous and flawless smile. But, the staining of teeth and discoloration of teeth happens even if you are super-cautious about your dental regimen.  Are your ambitions to scrub away the stains off your teeth to get a picture perfect smile in your pearly white sidelined by the teeth whitening myths? Then, you are at the right place. Continue reading if you are interested in restoring your smile.

1.     Tooth Whitening Will Damage Your Enamel

The misconception about tooth whitening makes many people wrongfully believe that the outer enamel will be damaged or melted because of the chemical process. That is far from being true as the bleaching works by enabling the cleaning agent to enter through opened pores to clean the teeth from inside and eliminate the stains. The pores close with time without harming the enamel. In fact, certain preliminary research suggests that the tools consisting of blue light spectrum augment the whitening process.

2.     The Teeth Whitening Laser Instrument Is Harmful

It isn’t a laser device, to begin with – it is a LED or UV light that assists in activating the bleaching agent so that it may penetrate inside the teeth.

3.     Teeth Whitening Is Not Meant for Sensitive Teeth

No, you shouldn’t bind yourself to this limitation. You can make use of customized bleaching trays at your homes rather than going through the powerful whitening process at your dentist’s. Custom trays are best for people with sensitive teeth and they show results within first few weeks.  You can also start brushing your teeth with toothpaste developed to minimize sensitivity.

4.     You Can’t Have Alcohol or Coffee At All

Yes, acidic foods cause staining of the teeth. Therefore, after a teeth whitening treatment, it is recommended that you avoid having acidic juices, chocolate, and wine. Since the pores are still open and the process of whitening continues even after the treatment, it is important that you take caution with the acidic foods. But, it doesn’t mean that you cannot take your daily cup of coffee at all.  Just mix a lot of milk in it and use a straw to keep the contact with the teeth as minimal as possible.

5.     Teeth Whitening Is a Costly Treatment

Some people believe that tooth whitening is an expensive process that can only be done a dentist’s clinic. While it is true that a dental treatment is swifter, home teeth whitening kits are also quite effective. If you really want  to enhance your smile, then there are cost-effective procedures that you can used to

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